Monday, January 13, 2020

Focus is challenging

As mentioned in the last post, I have 4 projects in process right now, see:

Anyway, there they sit, waiting... I had wanted to try and get these 4 finished rather than start another one, but that didn't happen. Instead, as I was thinking about these, I jumped into another project and cranked this guy out: 

Its a riff on "The Five" Series. Given that, and the fact that I had built the head quite some time ago, it came together rather quickly. Back to the issue of focus though. Art for me has become a real passion which is great. I have always been interested in many things, but never focused on one, yet had a desire for that drive, and now I have it. But within my craft I do tend to bounce around, sometimes its bothersome, but I also tend to think its just how my creative process works. Just some musings on the process, for what its worth. 

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