Monday, December 16, 2019

Donation for a Good Cause

I am woefully late with this post, but nonetheless, here it is. Back in October I donated a robot built for a charity event. The Nan Project is an organization dedicated to suicide prevention awareness, training and education. They are an amazing group doing absolutely life changing work. I am very close to the principals in the project, helped partner them with their first high-school and champion the work they do. Anyway Ellen Dalton, the project director, asked about me donating a sculpture to the annual charity auction, there was no hesitation in taking that on. The night was fun, they raised a bunch of money for a great cause, and Weston # 6 found a new home, a win all around. If you are not aware of what these people do please check them out - they really are saving lives.

Random Bot


Thursday, December 12, 2019

Western Avenue Studios

This is not a robot post but a plug for a fantastic assemblage of artists. If you are in the Greater Boston Area and have not been to the Western Avenue Studios in Lowell MA you are missing out on something special. With great foresight an old Mill Building was turned into artists studios, and later Lofts, and is now home to over 300 tremendously creative people. Western Ave hosts open studios the first Saturday of every month and both Saturday and Sunday every weekend in December up till Christmas. The talent in that building is just wonderful and its worth an afternoon to wander around that beautiful old building checking out each studio. Go, go now, you wont regret it.