Thursday, January 2, 2020

Happy 2020 Everyone

Happy New Year all. I must say 2019 was good to me regarding art work. 5 shows, 2 prizes, and 3 sales. Turns out my sales came close to covering my costs, and that is one of my long term goals.
Anyway, with the new year in full swing I'm sitting in the studio looking at 4 projects that need finishing. The biggest of the 4 is a robot based on an old Kodak Slide projector. My hope is that I can get the slide tray/projector to work and be part of the piece, that would be epic! Here is where things stand thus far.    
Figuring the arms out was a trail, but I got thought that and am moving onto the legs. I have a thought but need to do a little more research before I can categorically choose that path. I also did some reorganizing in the studio and swapped out the bench top. The changes make the space feel cleaner and more organized, I am sure that wont last long though! Below are the rest of the unfinished projects, stay tuned and Happy New Year.

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