Monday, March 19, 2018

Amina's Birthday Present

So about 2 years ago my friend Amina gave me 2 old Weston electrical gauges. They sat for a while, as things do around the Robotorium, but when I got going on them I really loved how they worked as a platform. I liked them so much I bought a bunch more a few months after I finished the first ones. It proved to be a good call, they really work well and are fun to build off of. Anyway it was Amina;'s birthday this month so I gave her one of the the ones I built using the parts she gave me. Weston #2 now has a new home.

A few new pieces.

Apologies for the long intermission, but its over now. Below are a few newer pieces I finished. These 2 are pretty typical for the aesthetic I am going for. The one below I finished over the Christmas break. This one is a little different in that it has no legs. Its a heavy piece, and the legs were giving me some challenges, which led to the thought that it since looks pretty cool as is why bother with legs, so I left like that, I mean who says a robot needs legs anyway?


I have had the body for this one sitting around for about 2 years now. I really like the piece but it took a while for the whole thing to come together. I finally just grabbed the body, sat down and got to work. The head was giving me some challenges until I was in Lowe's and walked down the electrical supply isle and found the service hood that worked like a champ, especially in how well it held the old microscope turret I used for his face.