Friday, October 28, 2016

More and More Robots.

My brother-in-law says I need to be the guy who the neighbors talk about because his house is totally full of robots. You know, I meet some tragic and untimely end, and they do a news story on the house packed to the ceiling with robots. My Brother-in-law is a funny man.
Right now I have about 35. They range in size from 1.5" to 2.5' tall. The ones below I call "The Five". There are actually 6 now, with parts sitting around to make more, but I had 5 on the shelf in the living room and just started calling them "The Five" and the name kind of stuck. I consider them my signature piece. They are pretty representative of the aesthetic I am going for and they have great presence.

Parts, it all begins with parts. Right now most of them come from eBay. Its amazing what's out there and what kind of stuff people are willing to buy (I know, I have spent good money on some pretty odd things, but you never know how it will all come together) Much of the stuff just sits in the Robotorium waiting to be needed. I have looked at some things for over a year before something clicks and it takes its place in a new creation. I swear thats half to fun of this. The process is a joy.

Welcome to The Robotorium

Robots; The future was supposed to be chock full of them, just ask Isaac. They were supposed to be large chrome or wrinkle-paint finished metalic contraptions that lurched from task to task, squealing and reeking of warm oil. Flashing lights, spinning antenna and a glass dome to top'em off.  They were not supposed to look like Roomba. At least that was my vision of the future, but alas it was not to be. So a few years ago I decided that bringing my vision to life was a worthy endeavor. This caters to my creative bent and my tool using nature, but most of all its fun. Every time I finish one of these I laugh. I hope you do to.  Come on in and take a look at the future that should have been.