Thursday, August 30, 2018

Summer's Over, I am Back

Summer break is a big deal if you teach, like I do. My summer pursuits tend to turn towards outdoor activities, thus the lapse in postings. But school began anew this week, and with so begins my work in the studio. Below are a few things I have just finished up.
I always wanted to build a couple of old school looking ray-guns and finally got around to it. Here is my take on the classic 1950's ray-gun. Both use soldering iron handles as a base. The top one uses an old light meter for the body, whereas the bottom one I built the body up off of the barrel using some bearings and drive couplings.

Vernon, The House Robot has been at the Mosesian Center hawking for donations but will now become part of this falls members show. I need to change out his batteries, but if you are near Watertown, swing by and check him out, he's a personal favorite.

Apologies for the picture here, but this ones kind of big and the spot I usually use (with the nice neutral background) didn't work because of his size. Anyway this is a variation of a few I had built before. This one has a slightly more malevolent air to it. I love the face and the way the arms came out. I always try to get the end result to be visually and stylistically cohesive and I think this one is a good example of that.