Monday, December 31, 2018

A New Series is Born

I like creating series. One off robots are cool, but there is something about a series that I really enjoy and today I just finished 2 in what will be my newest line. They use old analog light meters as the body. I came across these meters a few months ago while rummaging around on Ebay. I didn't really do much with them robot wise, but did make some old school ray guns. After all ray-guns are cool
Fast forward to last month when I used one of the light meters in a robot I made as a gift for my buddy Lisa's daughter (she is a photographer ). I loved the way it came out so this week I grabbed the other two and went to work. This is what I came up with.


I love the way these look. These are on swivel bases, an idea I got from my wife, and creative consultant, Lori. The GE light meter serves as a great base to work with, the size is nice, about 6 inches tall, and they have great personality. I already found a few more meters on Ebay and ordered them yesterday. These are fun to build and will make a great robot army!

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