Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Nothing to do with Robots

Lets call this a tonsorial diversion. About a year or so ago I started shaving with a straight razor. It appeals to the tool user in me. I think straights can be elegant looking tools, and the thought of shaving with something 100 years old is really cool. Anyway I managed to put a nick in one and needed to find a person to hone it out and bring the razor back into fighting trim. One thing lead to another and I found The Perfect Edge in Shrewsbury, MA. only an hour drive from me. Its run by Howard Schechter a honemeister extraordinaire, and all around fascinating and funny man. I spent the morning with him learning how to hone a razor, how he got into importing Belgian Coticules as well as some of the science behind what happens when you rub a piece of metal on a rock. Anyone at all interested  in straight razors, honing, or even making one of your own (he can show you how) should check out his site, and if your in the area, pay him a visit. It's always a pleasure to spend time with craftsman, and Howard ranks right up there.

The razor I nicked that Howard fixed for me and a Zulu honing stone I bought from him while I was visiting. 

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