Monday, April 2, 2018

How Much is that Robot in the Window?

What it worth? That's a tough question, one I wrestle with - a lot. Since I have decided to try and sell these its been hard to try and figure out pricing. Its hours of work and the parts do not always come cheap. But here is an example where things worked out better for me regarding costs. Take one of my latest pieces, Angus. His head is made of a surplus submarine periscope film magazine.

Now I got this part from Surplus Shed in Pennsylvania, a great place to look for oddities, specifically optical stuff, but they have a ton of other things, like this. Anyway, the last time I ordered a few of these the package had the original U.S. Navy inventory tag. Check out what Uncle Sam paid for this. 

Yup, you read that right, $16,818.00! Now I would say that makes Angus here just a little more valuable, wouldn't you? Nothing but the best for the Robotorium. 

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